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1. What isn't an advantage of comprehensive schools?

  • They are larger schools so more subjects and more facilities are avaliable
  • More academically able students are held back by the less able particulary in mixed ability groups
  • They cater for children of all abilities
  • Social barriers are broken down as children of all abilities and from different social classes attend the same school and mix
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2. What don't school league tables do?

  • Test a child's ability
  • Create more competition between schools
  • Allow parents to make comparisions between schools more easily
  • Provide information about the performance of schools

3. What school isn't included in the tripartite system?

  • Grammar
  • Indepedent
  • Secondary Technical
  • Secondary Modern

4. What is meant by the socialization role?

  • teaching acceptance of rules and authority
  • teaching norms and values
  • teaching skills for work
  • choosing the most able people for the most important jobs

5. What is not an advantage of independent schools?

  • Classes are smaller and so students recieve more attention from the teacher
  • Ensures some form of basic education is avaliable for all children
  • Resources and facilites are often better than comprehensives
  • Parental input is high in terms of fees, support and expectations


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