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1. What do sociologists mean by self-fulling prophecy?

  • Self fulfilling prophecy in school is when you live up to your label. This links to labeling.For example, if a teacher were to label a student naughty and that they wouldn't achieve good grades, that student is likely to live up to that label.
  • When you do good at school.
  • When you like yourself.
  • When you don't listen to your teacher.
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2. What is the Marxist view on the role of education?

  • Marxists view education as having a beneficial role for the powerful people in our society and brainwashing people to follow capitalist norms and values.
  • It is good.
  • That it is quite useless and you don't learn anything.
  • It is good because it brings social class together and it is fair.

3. Feminists view on education?

  • They like it.
  • Feminists believe that education benefits men, ensuring that males remain more powerful in society by teaching patriarchal norms and values, such as women’s role as carers and restricting access to certain subjects.
  • They don't like it because boys and girls are mixed together.
  • They don't want females to be educated.

4. What do sociologists mean by ethnocentric curriculum?

  • This refers to the attitude or policy which gives priority to a particular ethnic group whilst disregarding others. It could be argued that the curriculum today is based on the white culture.
  • When a something is told just based on English history.
  • When a curriculum is based on someone's ethnicity.
  • When a school learns curriculum which doesn't separate different ethnicity.

5. Name 5 types of schools?

  • Public school,Comprehensive school,Faith school,Special school and Grammar school.
  • Primary school,Secondary school,University,College and Nursery.
  • State school, private school , Music school and dancing school.
  • There 1 type of school.


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