sociology; crime; structuralist theory

1. what does merton say a 'conformist' response is?

  • loosing sight of the goals but accepting the means of cultural strain
  • rejecting institutional cultural strain, creating own goals and means of achieving them
  • accepting the goals and means of cultural strain
  • rejecting the goals and means of cultural strain
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2. who discussed 'boundary maintenance'? (formal sanctions lead to collective social morality and social solidarity) functionalist

  • cloward
  • Ohlin
  • Durkheim
  • cohen

3. who talks about laws as performing an ideological function eg health laws to maintain the capitalist labour force?

  • Pearce
  • merton
  • gordon
  • Chambliss

4. who discussed utilitarian and non utilitarian crime?

  • cohen
  • cloward
  • ohlin
  • davis

5. what is utilitarian crime?

  • hedonistic; for material gain
  • symbolic; vandalism, violence


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