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open relationships= open marriages, marriage between one person and multiple spouses, ex- a woman with multiple husbands
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defense of marriage act
signed by president clinton, one man and one woman as husband and wife , us state has legal duty to respect marriage between homosexuals, even if its valid in another state
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1st state to same sex
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June 2015
gay rights in all 50 states
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Its state "no fault"
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Fantasy, immersion, awareness, mobilization, action, contact , resolution
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race and ethnicity
white women are more likely to remarry asian americans are least likely to remarry
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age and sex
prob is higher for men and women older than 25 , when divorced less likely to remarry
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the presence of children reduces remarriage
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How do families fare in stepfamilies?
emotional and behavioral differences others 20 percent of stepchildren are at risk for negative outcomes such as , -problems academically-not expressing their feelings- acting out behavior
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Types of step families
- gay and lesbian - looked at as deficient compared to nuclear families-
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successful stepfamilies
1. allow losses to be mourned, grief 2. having realistic expectations 3. Adult couples having a strong relationship 4. family traditions 5. dev step- relationships 6. cooperate with absent parent
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Dyadic Relationship
two people that are in relationship that involves closeness and mutual affection (love), ex goof friend see and talk to see each other
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Friendship v.s Love
- friendship isn't as exclusive - not the same amount of verbal and physical affection of love
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True friendship 6 factors
-respect - trust - responsiveness - capitalization - social comparison - social support
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what is love?
it includes all qualities of friendship but there more- sexual desire - priority of the friendship with someone else - caring that leads to self sacrific
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3 component of love
emotional , cognitive, behavioral
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50 percent
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obama extended long term care insurance program, the use of it was to take care a partner. Still couldn't get federal benefits
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states same sex, legally in that state you are in you can receive federal benefits, only if state has legally of marriage of the same sex.
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risk of single parent families
-economic hardship( too little money or few resources - less time and energy from one person - increased stress from issues such as the divorce ( ex. moving from house to house, and tension in the family )
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Benefits of single parent famileies
stronger bond with their parent, - wider variety of friends and in the community- extra responsibilities that build skills- realistic place your in meaning your not the center of the universe
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leadership, protecting allowing men to walk out
young teenager at age 18, Institutions- moms are better off taking care of the infant
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roles- finanicales depend on where you live, older siblings take on adult roles
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Stages time
2 to 7 years on average actually reach resolution
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Characteristics of friendship
no as exclusive, doesn't have the same amount of verbal and physical affection as love,
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6 factors of true friendship
respect, trust, responsiveness, capitalization, social comparison, social support
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respecting each others needs and values and desires in a friendship
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happy about each others sucess
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social comparison
compare each others beliefs and skills to know themselves better
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social support
help in times of need
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Hooking up
casual sec with not emotions
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Manifest Functions of dating
recognized behavior and patterns , identity 6 ,
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Latent functions
not immediately recognized
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Parent image theory
people re likely to select partners or mates that resemble their opposite parent, ex men marry someone similar like their mother
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Ideal mate theory
dev a model image of their mate based on childhood experiences ex- people tend to choose a romantic partner that is similar to family and friends they grew up with
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Needs theory -
complementary needs, criticisms-
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complimentary needs
select a partner whose needs are opposite are beneficial or complimentary to our own
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Development Process
individual narrow down their choice of mate using a filter system
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field of eligible
group of people whom society defines acceptable marriage partner
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geographic closeness, ex. someone that lives near you
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Physical attraction
similar to yourself, date someone on the same level as you
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Social Filter
homogamy , heterogamy
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similar in age, race , class . background , like to marry someone
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dissimilar , opposite from homogamy , marrying someone out of your race, age, religion
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similar to date or marry someone like you , race, age, edu, open-minded, social class, appearance, marital status, religion, attachment, personality, economic values,
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Social control of love and dating relationship
parent arrange 80 percent in china, india and indonesia ( 40 percent of world pop) , 95 percent people marry someone of their own race,
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Diamond Emphasizes
individuals that are wired and capable falling in love with someone of their own or opposite sex. ex. girl could love a girl and a boy , we allow society to pick what is approval
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Love and dating context of problems
existing problems accuring, simultaneous- loving a lot of people, unfulling and unrequited- not love returned, risky- not using a condom , jealousy - need a little
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Consequences of jealousy
has a positive effect on relationships( barelds studied 961) desirable outcomes, Shakespeare"green eyes monster" obsessive and posseivess can lead to deadly
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personally characteristic
narcissism, low positives, poor impulse control, hypersensitivity , high ego, perfectionism, insecurity, and controlling
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wrong reason to date and love someone
rebounds, escape home life, unplanned baby, blackmail, insurance benefits, pity, filling a void
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social comparison for love
wedding, traditions,it can change
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body type condition for love
changes over time.
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Psychological conditions
self esteem and self disclousre
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dialectic approach
by and ongoing tension between intimacy and autonomy ex. family promotes closeness but allowing them to be independent too
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patterns of attachment shaped at intimate bonding they are shared with there caregiver during infancy, parent attention will affect the way they interact with other people
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social exchange
the rewards are greater than the cost ex.
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circumflex model
graphic model 3 characteristics balanced family -
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family cohesion
emotional bond that brings them together
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moderate changes and roles
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clearly and respectfully with each other
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6 types of love
(color style) eros, mania , ludus, pragma, storge, agape
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market marriage
look at their liabilities in each partner and died was is best they have to offer. ex like going shopping , go for someone on a scale from 1-10
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going steady
not serious ,
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pack dating
6 or more people in a group, small group, ex movies, bowling
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signed by president clinton, one man and one woman as husband and wife , us state has legal duty to respect marriage between homosexuals, even if its valid in another state


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gay rights in all 50 states


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