Sociological Theories Revision: Family and Education AS/A2 SCLY

Sociology Quiz mainly based on 33 mark question on Sociological Topics, Methods & Theories.

This quiz will help you test Marxist, Functionalist, Feminist, Interactionalist and Post-Modernist views on the topics: Education and Family.

1. What do post-modernists say about family?

  • Family is changing dues to increasing rights and choices for women, they are less likely to view marriage as an ultimate goal in life. There is also more diversity in families due to technological advancements (same-sex couples having children)
  • Families only change due to social stigma.
  • Family is changing due to the increase in marriage and decline in cohabitation.
  • Children in the family are being brought up in traditional 'cereal packet' families, meaning families more or less stay the same over a short period of time.
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2. Post-modernist argue that there is such a diversity of jobs in post-modern society...

  • because of the increase and broadening of skills and expertise taught.
  • Schools should try to split their students into groups, less able and more able.
  • Schools must teach lots of different skills and expertise.
  • Because of the lack of definition in schools.
  • Because of the bourgeoisie exploiting the proletariat.

3. What do Liberal feminists believe of the family?

  • In a modern world, females are breadwinners, whereas males are caretakers of the family and subordinate their lives to them.
  • The family wouldnt be complete without a woman.
  • Males are breadwinners, whereas females are caretakers of the family and subordinate their lives to them.
  • The family wouldnt be complete without a man.

4. Why do feminists disagree with current education?

  • Because education doesnt give the right skills to men and women individually.
  • It socialises girls into patriarchal norms and values and gives them skills to gain typical 'feminine' jobs.
  • Because education favours the upper-class.
  • Because females and males are currently in seperate classes.

5. What is meritocracy?

  • An equal opportunity for all.
  • An opportunity for males.
  • An opportunity that isnt actually there.
  • An opportunity for the upper class.


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