Sociological Theories Revision: Family and Education AS/A2 SCLY

Sociology Quiz mainly based on 33 mark question on Sociological Topics, Methods & Theories.

This quiz will help you test Marxist, Functionalist, Feminist, Interactionalist and Post-Modernist views on the topics: Education and Family.

1. Post-modernist argue that there is such a diversity of jobs in post-modern society...

  • because of the increase and broadening of skills and expertise taught.
  • Because of the lack of definition in schools.
  • Schools should try to split their students into groups, less able and more able.
  • Schools must teach lots of different skills and expertise.
  • Because of the bourgeoisie exploiting the proletariat.
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2. What is the organic analogy?

  • Societies own way of dealing with health issues, by eating more healthy.
  • A comparison of society to a human body, each organ needs one another to survive. Each one of these 'organs' has a purpose in society; Family, Criminal Justice System, Economy, Education, Healthcare and Religion.
  • The world is like a body and needs all its minerals, oxygen, vitamins, just like a body does.
  • A comparison of the family to a human body, each organ needs one another to survive, the family needs a mother, a father, a son and a daughter.

3. What do Liberal feminists believe of the family?

  • Males are breadwinners, whereas females are caretakers of the family and subordinate their lives to them.
  • The family wouldnt be complete without a woman.
  • The family wouldnt be complete without a man.
  • In a modern world, females are breadwinners, whereas males are caretakers of the family and subordinate their lives to them.

4. What is the punch bag theory?

  • Women are a punch bag for men because men believe women are 'weaker due to biology'
  • The bourgeoisie see the proletariat as a punching bag that they can abuse, scam and exploit, the proletariat know this but cannot react to it.
  • The family is a place to go to, to relieve your stress of proletariat working life.
  • Children are becoming more and more shaped by the family, just like a punching bag.

5. What are Murdochs four functions of the family?

  • Sex, Reproduction, Economy & Socialisation
  • Health, Justice, Manners & Morality
  • Jobs, Food, Socialisation & Economy
  • Reproduction, Food, Jobs & Health


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