Sociological Theories Revision: Family and Education AS/A2 SCLY

Sociology Quiz mainly based on 33 mark question on Sociological Topics, Methods & Theories.

This quiz will help you test Marxist, Functionalist, Feminist, Interactionalist and Post-Modernist views on the topics: Education and Family.

1. What are Murdochs four functions of the family?

  • Sex, Reproduction, Economy & Socialisation
  • Health, Justice, Manners & Morality
  • Jobs, Food, Socialisation & Economy
  • Reproduction, Food, Jobs & Health
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2. What is the warm bath theory?

  • The family are used by the bourgeoisie to create products for them, the products, such as baths, only benefit the bourgeoisie, by keeping them clean, and workers dirty.
  • The family is place to come home to after work to relax.
  • The family members are all different, some are hot and some are cool, creating a warm bath.
  • The wife of a family is like a warm bath and is there for the husband to use to relax and relieve in.

3. What does Zaretsky believe about the family?

  • Working class parents are more likely to split up, creating lone-parent families, due to the bourgeoisies forced ideology upon them.
  • The family serves creates jobs for society, such as nannies, nurseries, teachers etc
  • Children are brought up with capitalist ideologies and obedience that they learn through the family
  • Children are tricked into buying sweets to give the bourgeoisie their parents money.

4. What is the punch bag theory?

  • The family is a place to go to, to relieve your stress of proletariat working life.
  • Women are a punch bag for men because men believe women are 'weaker due to biology'
  • The bourgeoisie see the proletariat as a punching bag that they can abuse, scam and exploit, the proletariat know this but cannot react to it.
  • Children are becoming more and more shaped by the family, just like a punching bag.

5. What do post-modernists say about family?

  • Children in the family are being brought up in traditional 'cereal packet' families, meaning families more or less stay the same over a short period of time.
  • Families only change due to social stigma.
  • Family is changing dues to increasing rights and choices for women, they are less likely to view marriage as an ultimate goal in life. There is also more diversity in families due to technological advancements (same-sex couples having children)
  • Family is changing due to the increase in marriage and decline in cohabitation.


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