Society in 1920's America - Racism and Xenaphobia

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1. What did General Palmer do in retaliation of his house being burned down?

  • Nothing, he knew he couldn't do anything
  • He commissioned the Palmer Raids in 1919
  • He complained about anarchists to congress in 1919
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2. Where did the KKK form in 1866?

  • Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Pulaski, Tennessee
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Nashville, Tennessee

3. How did the KKK affect the 1924 nomination?

  • They helped the democratic nomination to win
  • They prevented Al Smith from getting the nomination, John Davis instead
  • They made no effect

4. Why were Sacco and Vanzetti arrested?

  • They were accuse of arson
  • They were accused of ****
  • They were accused of robbery and murder
  • They were accused of murder

5. William Simmons wrote what book?

  • The Klansmen - The History of the KKK
  • Top 20 Reasons Why the KKK is the Best
  • The KKK - Our Rise To Fame
  • The Klan - Our True Story Fighting Adversity


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