Society in 1920's America - Racism and Xenaphobia

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1. What did the Johnson Reed Act of 1924 declare?

  • Barred immigrants that couldn't speak english
  • Reduced quota to 2% of the 1890 quota
  • Only 150,000 immigrants allowed in each year - 85% from north and west europe
  • Banned any immigration from Japan
  • Reduced immigration from south and east europe
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2. In support of Scientific Racism, what did Grant say?

  • African-Americans and people with mental health disorders could die
  • African-Americans, Immigrants and Irish shall be deported

3. What did General Palmer do in retaliation of his house being burned down?

  • Nothing, he knew he couldn't do anything
  • He commissioned the Palmer Raids in 1919
  • He complained about anarchists to congress in 1919

4. How many peopled died in the Wall Street Bombing of 1920?

  • 38
  • 12
  • 49
  • 55

5. What did DC Stephen, The Grand Dragon, say about himself?

  • "I am the ruler of this state"
  • "I am the law in Indiana"
  • "I am the president of the USA"


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