Society in 1920's America - Prohibition

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1. What did prohibition administer Ned Green do?

  • He fined Harding when he found out about his alcohol intake
  • He held cocktail parties
  • He made prohibition laws tougher on immigrants
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2. What did the Wickersham Report (1931) say?

  • Prohibition was not working but continue it
  • Prohibition was working and should be continued
  • Prohibition was the greatest success of American history

3. How many gangsters did Al Capone have at his disposal?

  • 700
  • 1,000
  • 200
  • 666

4. What did prohibitionist Billy Sunday say?

  • "The reign of tears is over"
  • "A child or wife shall no longer feel the hot alcohol fulled hand anymore"
  • "The beast known as alcohol has been quelled"

5. Supporters of Prohibition said what?

  • Alcohol consumption per person per year has fallen from 2.6 to 1 by 1930
  • Prohibition is working extremely well
  • Drunk driving has reduced by 42%


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