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1. What is the Fundamental Attribution Error?

  • a self-serving bias in which people play down their own failures by attributing them to external causes
  • a group-level bias in favour of one’s own group and against particular out-groups against which there exists a rivalry
  • a bias in attributing other people’s behaviour more to internal than situational causes
  • a conformity bias that leads people to agree with others so as to fit in with a group.
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2. Discursive Psychology is interested in

  • Only Internal states
  • Internal states only when made relevant by the participant
  • Only external states
  • Internal states only

3. Attitudes can be formed by

  • mere exposure
  • associative learning
  • All of the above
  • self perception
  • functional reason

4. What do Cooer and Fazio say is important in attitude change and cognitive dissonance?

  • a. Both B and E
  • e. Self to blame
  • b. Negative consequences
  • d. Investment
  • c. Both D and B
  • f. Be temporary and flexible to change

5. What is a critique of Social Schemas?

  • Can be used to explain any result and its opposite
  • Doesn't take into account cognitive approach
  • Too social
  • Not individualistic enough


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