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2. According to the Schema Theory stereotypes are:

  • Neutral
  • All of the above
  • Negaitve
  • Positive

3. What is a critique of Social Schemas?

  • Not individualistic enough
  • Doesn't take into account cognitive approach
  • Can be used to explain any result and its opposite
  • Too social

4. Negative drive state is..

  • balancing internal and external attitudes
  • the innate drive to reduce negative moods
  • beliefs central to attitudes
  • a state of psychological tension when two or more cognitions are inconsistent

5. If an argument is compelling and elaborative it is likely to:

  • c. Go through the Peripheral route
  • e. Both C and F
  • a. Both B and D
  • d. Be long lasting and resistant to change
  • b. Go through the Central route
  • f. Be temporary and flexible to change


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