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1. Feminists believe that

  • Marxists assume policies benefit capitalism when really they benefit men
  • functionalists assume policies benefit both when really they benefit men
  • functionalists assume that policies benefit both and they do
  • tax ratio is wrong
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2. Murray believes that 'incentives'...

  • maternity leave means that it is unfair to believe women are domestic
  • doesn't create anti social behaviour
  • produce antisocial belhaviour
  • benefits are too low

3. Marxists say that

  • capitalism is the key to success
  • government can turn back on policies creating cuts
  • government never turn back on their policies

4. Diana Leonard

  • benefits are just concessions
  • said that maternity leave thinks women domestic
  • maternity leave too long

5. Marxists believe that

  • benefits only serve capitalism
  • not interested in women
  • benefits only serve the working class
  • benefits serve women


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