Social Networks and Communication

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define Social Networks and social community
• Social network: Communal structure consisting of individuals or organizations connected with each other • Social community: Social network that converges around shared interests, goals, values, or attitudes
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Social media
Use of communications technology to facilitate interaction among individuals and orgs; key to online relationships
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Social contagion
Extent to which consumers are influenced by others
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4 Reasons for the popularity of social media
Two-way; Cheaper; efficient; easier to target since traditional media's fragmenting
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4 Forms of social media
Blog: (Website with entries of commentary or event descriptions) • Wiki: (developed and maintained by a community with informative content on various topics) • Forum: (Site where people converse w/ posted messages) • Podcasting (important part of t
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Why does social media work? (4)
• Consumers’ natural social tendencies • Growth of info & communications technologies • Engage; global reach; target specific market segments • Ability to track and measure consumer behavior
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4 leading social media sites
fb, twitter, youtube, linkedin
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Online Travel Trends & Suggestions -5
• Research, plan & book travel online (shorter booking lead times). • Last minute deals • Consumer expectations are changing and higher • Mobile devices: instant info access to prices, reviews, sharing • Word of mouse
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Online TIPS (4)
• Differentiate with experience offered (unique quality & value!) • Easily found on the web, convenience • Provide a place where customers can write a review or leave photos • Research what’s being said about the firm (twitter, socialmention, google
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Creating content via social media (3)
• Viral marketing: facilitates/encourages people to pass along a marketing message to other users or sites • Powerful personalization aspect of social media • Consumer-generated media (CGM): Publicity and other marketing communications that consumer
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SMM benefits-10
• Generate exposure, buzz, viral marketing=more product sales • Build brand equity • Drive traffic to corporate websites • Link with other sites across the Internet • Leverage social networks • Market research, Develop ideas • Crowdsourcing: Act of
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Challenges of Social Media-5
• Send the wrong message; viral spread • Resource intensive • Critical to designate an SMM team • Neglected corporate blogs convey a negative impression • Results are difficult to measure • Lack of access (“Digital divide”: when people lack knowled
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Social Media and International Communications-5
Advertising, sales, PR, promos, Integrating social media with traditional marketing communications
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Social Media Success Strategies in International Marketing-5
• Customize the message to the audience • Target a specific market • Understand your markets • Monitor your firm’s online reputation • Manage information about your company and brands
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Social media


Use of communications technology to facilitate interaction among individuals and orgs; key to online relationships

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Social contagion


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4 Reasons for the popularity of social media


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4 Forms of social media


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