Social Development

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1. Bowlby stated that

  • Infants develop internal working model
  • All of these
  • There is a vital period of 2.5 years
  • Attachment is with one caregiver (monotropy)
  • Babies use care giver as a safe base
  • Attachment is innate
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2. . Who can provide the basis for secure attachment to an infant?

  • Only parents
  • A small number individuals as long as they behave consistently
  • Any number of individuals as long as they behave appropriately
  • Only the mother

3. Autism ____________

  • is a life long condition
  • has a clearly defined set of symptoms
  • has a known cause
  • emerges in infancy

4. What is not one of Kohlberg's moral stages?

  • Moral Relitivism
  • Post-conventional
  • Pre-conventional
  • Conventional

5. In Kohlberg’s theory of moral development, children’s ideas about morality become ____________ as they develop

  • more focused on society
  • less focused on reward and punishment
  • more concrete
  • less focused on society


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