Social Development

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1. Which of the following BEST describes theory of mind?

  • a complex set of skills relating to the understanding that others’ have minds
  • the ability to understand that others’ think differently from you
  • the ability to pass the false belief task
  • the ability to express a full range of emotions
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2. What is not one of Kohlberg's moral stages?

  • Conventional
  • Post-conventional
  • Moral Relitivism
  • Pre-conventional

3. Which of the following does secure attachment NOT predict

  • Attainment at school
  • Intellegence
  • Confidence
  • Curiosity

4. What does NOT happen in Ainsworth’s stranger situation?

  • two strangers have a conversation
  • the stranger leaves the room twice
  • the mother enters the room
  • the stranger tries to comfort the infant.

5. What does not influence Theory of Mind development?

  • Attatchment
  • Language
  • Race
  • Siblings
  • Parents


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