Social Psychology

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1. As we encounter more instances of a category, our schema is likely to become

  • more exemplar based, more prototype based
  • more exemplar based, less prototype based
  • less exemplar based, more prototype based
  • less exemplar based, less prototype based
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2. Milgram's research is noteworthy because it demonstrated the power of __________ in influencing important forms of social behaviour

  • obedience to authority
  • the foot-in-the-door technique
  • reciprocity
  • groupthink

3. Personality attributes that seem to be the most representative of a person are called

  • central traits
  • stereotypes
  • schemata
  • primary impression

4. Attitudes that are developed towards persons, places and things on the basis of their association with the positive or negative experiences that we have of them reflects the role of.... in the development of social interactions

  • impression formulation
  • classical conditioning
  • the primacy effect
  • mere exposure

5. The way in which we attribute specific characteristics and traits to people is called

  • impression formation
  • social cognition
  • social perception
  • a schema


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