Social Psychology

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1. Laura is in her first semester of college. She has only encountered three professors but already she thinks that they are rude and arrogant. Her attitude towards professors reflects

  • neither
  • prejudice
  • both
  • discrimation
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2. Angela is a vegetarian who works in a hamburger restaurant, she says it was the only job she can find and is making more money than other jobs, in this instance Angela:

  • is probably still experiencing a great deal of dissonance
  • reduced dissonance by justifying her behaviour
  • reduced dissonance by identifying with her boss
  • has probably not experienced any cognitive dissonance

3. Personality attributes that seem to be the most representative of a person are called

  • stereotypes
  • schemata
  • central traits
  • primary impression

4. In general, the most accessible social categories are _____ categories

  • fundamental
  • basic level
  • representational
  • primary level

5. A group being given a grade and all members given the same grade could produce the effect of

  • compliance
  • social loafing
  • reciprocity
  • social facilitation


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