Social Psychology

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1. People like to think their perceptions and attitudes are accurate, so if they are uncertain or find that others disagree, they may feel a need to change their perceptions and attitudes in line with those of other people. This type of influence is:

  • normative influence
  • informational influence
  • latent influence
  • minority influence
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2. A group being given a grade and all members given the same grade could produce the effect of

  • social loafing
  • reciprocity
  • compliance
  • social facilitation

3. According to the elaboration likelihood model, __________ is/are to a central route of persuasion as __________ is/are to a peripheral route of persuasion

  • critical thinking; association with celebrities
  • social benefits, considering relevant themes
  • social benefits, financial benefits
  • weighing the issues, thoughtful consideration

4. As we encounter more instances of a category, our schema is likely to become

  • less exemplar based, more prototype based
  • more exemplar based, less prototype based
  • less exemplar based, less prototype based
  • more exemplar based, more prototype based

5. Milgram's research is noteworthy because it demonstrated the power of __________ in influencing important forms of social behaviour

  • the foot-in-the-door technique
  • reciprocity
  • obedience to authority
  • groupthink


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