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2. Whenever David practices the piano privately he plays very well, however, when his parents or one of his sisters listen to him, he always makes a few mistakes. According to Zajonc, this is an example of

  • compliance
  • deindividuation
  • the effects of arousal on performance
  • reciprocal interaction

3. In general, the most accessible social categories are _____ categories

  • representational
  • fundamental
  • basic level
  • primary level

4. People like to think their perceptions and attitudes are accurate, so if they are uncertain or find that others disagree, they may feel a need to change their perceptions and attitudes in line with those of other people. This type of influence is:

  • latent influence
  • normative influence
  • informational influence
  • minority influence

5. Personality attributes that seem to be the most representative of a person are called

  • stereotypes
  • central traits
  • primary impression
  • schemata


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