Social Psychology

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1. The way in which we attribute specific characteristics and traits to people is called

  • social perception
  • a schema
  • impression formation
  • social cognition
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2. According to the elaboration likelihood model, __________ is/are to a central route of persuasion as __________ is/are to a peripheral route of persuasion

  • social benefits, considering relevant themes
  • social benefits, financial benefits
  • critical thinking; association with celebrities
  • weighing the issues, thoughtful consideration

3. The pressure you feel to buy a frozen dinner after being given a sample at the supermarket is due to exploitation by the worker of which of the following cognitive principles:

  • reciprocity
  • liking
  • social facilitation
  • social proof

4. Attitudes that are developed towards persons, places and things on the basis of their association with the positive or negative experiences that we have of them reflects the role of.... in the development of social interactions

  • impression formulation
  • classical conditioning
  • the primacy effect
  • mere exposure

5. After making what you thought was a great deal on a new car, the salesperson tells you that there has been a mistake in his addition and that the car is really going to cost you considerably more than you had originally agreed to. This technique is:

  • norm of reciprocity
  • low-balling
  • door-in-the-face
  • foot-in-the-door


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