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2. Whenever David practices the piano privately he plays very well, however, when his parents or one of his sisters listen to him, he always makes a few mistakes. According to Zajonc, this is an example of

  • compliance
  • the effects of arousal on performance
  • reciprocal interaction
  • deindividuation

3. According to the elaboration likelihood model, __________ is/are to a central route of persuasion as __________ is/are to a peripheral route of persuasion

  • weighing the issues, thoughtful consideration
  • critical thinking; association with celebrities
  • social benefits, financial benefits
  • social benefits, considering relevant themes

4. Laura is in her first semester of college. She has only encountered three professors but already she thinks that they are rude and arrogant. Her attitude towards professors reflects

  • both
  • prejudice
  • discrimation
  • neither

5. A group being given a grade and all members given the same grade could produce the effect of

  • social facilitation
  • social loafing
  • compliance
  • reciprocity


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