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2. How does Bandura propose that aggression is learnt?

  • Negative Reinforcment
  • He doesn't propose a reason
  • Observation
  • Positive Reinforcment

3. What did Phillips (1986) find?

  • Homicide rates almost always increases the week following a major boxing match
  • Homicide rates almost always decreased the week after a boxing match
  • There was no correlation between boxing matches and the societies' aggression
  • Boxing matches actually increases altruism

4. What researcher over heard a child say 'Look Mummy! That's the doll we have to hit!' in Bandura's study leading to the studying having demand characteristics?

  • Allender & Marcel (2003)
  • Noble
  • Bandura
  • Phillips

5. Which study shows that this theory has applicability to adults?

  • Phillips (1986)
  • Bandura
  • Irwin & Cressey
  • Noble


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