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2. What did Bartlett et al find?

  • Mortal Combat video game: violent fighting scenes made children upset
  • Only boys who play video games experience aggressive thoughts
  • Mortal Combat video game: the more graphic blood led to more aggressive thoughts
  • Video games were unlikely to cause aggressive thoughts

3. Social learning theory was theorised by who?

  • Bartlett
  • Pickel
  • Bandura
  • Rosenthal & Jacobsen

4. What are the 3 important factors which determine whether or not behaviour is copied?

  • Economic factors, vicarious learning and upbringing
  • Vicarious learning, external motivation and self-reinforcement
  • Personality, biology and upbringing
  • Internal emotions, external motivation and parental influence

5. Why is criminal behaviour from the media likely to be copied?

  • Because crime is not punished; heroes are celebrated for killing bad guys. Victims aren't seen
  • Because people know it's fake and will forget about the consequences
  • Because people will want to be like their heroes
  • Because they want to feel strong


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