Social Learning Theory

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1. What are the 3 important factors which determine whether or not behaviour is copied?

  • Personality, biology and upbringing
  • Vicarious learning, external motivation and self-reinforcement
  • Internal emotions, external motivation and parental influence
  • Economic factors, vicarious learning and upbringing
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2. Which study supports this theory?

  • Pickel
  • Charlton
  • Bandura
  • Loftus et al

3. Other than role models, what else does SLT say we can learn through?

  • Nothing, only role models
  • Media
  • School

4. Social learning theory was theorised by who?

  • Bartlett
  • Bandura
  • Rosenthal & Jacobsen
  • Pickel

5. What results did Rideout et al find?

  • People watch around 38 hours of TV a week, and kids watch around 25 a week
  • Children watch up to 40 hours of TV a week
  • TV is no longer a large part of everyday life
  • Adults watch around 50+ hours of TV a week


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