social influence ; social influence and social change

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- special role of minority influence
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what is a real life american example of this in 50s and 60s?
civil rights movement
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1. drawing attention
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through social proof
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what was happening to the black white divide at this time?
segregation of schools/neighbourhoods etc all over esp south
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so civil rights marches drew attention to situation by?
providing social proof of problem
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2. consistency
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even though minority civil rights activists displayed consistency of?
message and intent
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3. deeper processing
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attention meant what?
many that accepted status quo thought about it
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4. augmentation principle
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no incidents where ppl risked lives such as?
freedom riders
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5. snowball effect
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basically it was passed wasnt it
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6. social cryptomnesia
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what tf is that?
people have memory that social change occured but don't remember how happened
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- lessons from conformity rsrch
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what happened when asch introduced a dissenting confederate?
broke power of the majority encouraging others to dissent
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this dissent unlitmately has power to lead to?
social change
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environmental and health campaigns frequently exploit conformity processes by appealing to?
normative social influence
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by providing information on>
what other people are gdoing
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in other words social change is encouraged by drawing attention to?
what majority are actually doing
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- lessons from obedience research
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what type of person does milgram's research demonstrate importance of in terms of dissent?
disobedient role models
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what happened in variation where confed theacher refuses to shock learner?
obedience rate in genuine pps plummeted
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what was the name of zimbardo's suggested process of how obedience can create social change?
gradual commitment
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what is the process of gradual commitment?
once small instruction is obeyed, becomes more difficult to resist bigger one
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:) rsrch supp 4 normative influences
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what did nolan et al investigate?
whethersocial influence processes lead to reduction energy consumption in community
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where did they hang messages on doors?
san diego
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every week for how long?
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what was the key message?
most residents trying reduce energy usage
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what did some signs say as a control group?
just asked to save energy but made n reference to others' behaviour
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which group did nolan find significan energy decreases in?
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:( minority influence only indirectly effective
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it takes rlly long to incite the change
yes it does
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what does nemeth argue effects of minority influence are likely to mostly be?
indirect and delayed
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why indirect?
bc majority ifluenced on matters only related to issue at hand and not centra lissue itself
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and why delayed?
effects not seen for long time
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could be limitation as shows effects are what and role is what?
effects fragie and role limited
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:) role of deeper processing
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what does moscovici's conversion explanation argue about minority and majority influences?
involve diff cog processes
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which one causes individuals to think more deeply about issue?
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when does mackie suggest majority influence may also lead to deeper processing?
when you disagree with their views
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why would we do this in majority influence?
because we like to believe others think same as us but when we find differet we think about it a lot
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this means central element of minority process challenged casting doubt on the whole theory's ?
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:( barriers to social change
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what did bashir et al investigate?
why people resist social change even when agree neccessary
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for example found people didn't want to behave in more environmentally aware ways why?
didn't want ot be associatied with stereotypical tree huggers
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what was researchers advice to the minorities then?
avoid behaving in ways that reinforce stereotypes
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what is a real life american example of this in 50s and 60s?


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