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2. What is the deepest level of conformity known as 'true conformity'?

  • Internalisation
  • Normative Social Influence
  • Identification
  • Compliance

3. What type of conformity was used in the auto kinetic study?

  • Normative Social Influence- Internalisation
  • Informational Social Influence- Internalisation
  • Normative Social Influence- Compliance
  • Informational Social Influence- Identification

4. Who carried out the auto kinetic effect study?

  • Kelman
  • Sherif
  • Zimbardo
  • Asch

5. What is it called when people conform for the desire to be liked?

  • Compliance
  • Normative Social Influence
  • Informational Social Influence
  • Internalisation


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