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2. What is Restistance to Social Influence?

  • Sense we have about what directs events in our lives
  • The ability of people to withstand the social pressure to conform to the majority or obey authority
  • The presence of people who resist pressures to conform can help others do the same

3. What is Agentic State?

  • Acting for or in place of another, with the belief that someone else will take responsibility
  • Free to behaviour according to one's own principles, with a responsibility for their own actions

4. What are the two explanations for Conformity?

  • Proximity and Location
  • Informational and Normative
  • Group Size and Uninimity

5. What is Internalisation?

  • Exhibiting a certain behaviour only when under group influence
  • When a person genuinly accepts the group norms
  • Publically changing behaviours temporaily


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