Social Development

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1. What is not an implication of attachment research?

  • Adoptions, mothers can give up children in the first week of birth
  • Theater of attachments - Help those being abused become closer to their parents,
  • Sure start availability
  • Children wards allow parents to stay overnight
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2. What are the two main types of day care?

  • Day nurseries and Childminders
  • Residential nurseries and Day nurseries
  • Day nurseries and Playgroups

3. What was not found in the EPPE Project?

  • Higher quality pre-school offered both intellectual and social advantages to childre
  • Disadvantaged children could improve social backgrounds the most when with a range of background children
  • Negative impacts on agression
  • All aspects of social development increased
  • Improved cognitive development

4. What is a problem with the methodology of testing day care?

  • Easy to test in a lab experiment
  • Ethical issues
  • The many different types of day care

5. What affects did day care have on agression?

  • When universal day care was introduced in day care, aggression rose by 24% and parental well being declined
  • NICHD study and Quebec
  • NICHD study found that in those with behavior problems they got worse


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