Social Construction of Crime

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1. Interactionalists offer a practical policy focus

  • left realists do not seek solving it
  • whereas left realists see a realistic solutions
  • Left realists also look at practical policy focus
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2. Marxists argue that the labelling theorists

  • neither
  • fail to explain links between capitalism and labelling proccess
  • explain links between capitalism and labelling proccess

3. labelling theory is deterministic

  • once labelled will reoffend
  • once labelled will not reoffend

4. Secondary Deviance

  • deviance labelled result of societal reaction being caught involve stigma, Master staus
  • the act itself easy rationalised - don't see self deviant

5. Labelling theorists look at the negative effects on offender realists believe that

  • should look at victim
  • should look at offender




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