Social anthropology theory

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1. What was malinowskis biocultural functionalism?

  • Social institutions exist to meet the needs of individuals
  • Institutions are sets of relationships to maintain society
  • Culture functions because of our genetic makeup
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2. Founder of functionalism

  • Mauss
  • Radcliffe-brown
  • Malinowski
  • Durkheim

3. What does structural functionalism focus on?

  • Hierarchy
  • Social structure
  • Individual's needs

4. In what time period did functionalism first take off?

  • 1980s
  • 1920s
  • Early 19th century
  • 1940s

5. What is functionalism?

  • Examine social existance of phenomena, the function they serve in a particular society in maintaining the whole
  • Function of


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