Smoking and disease

What are the short term causes of tar?
Accumulates in the airways and irritates them - paralysis the cilia so they cannot do their cleaning role - causes the goblet cells to secrete more mucus than necessary = unresulting cough
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What are the long term effects of smoking?
CHD, atherosclerosis, cancer, bronchitis
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What does carbon monoxide do?
It combines with haemoglobin to form carbaminohaemoglobin - has a higher affinity than O2 reducing it's carrying capacity
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What does nicotine do?
It diffuses straight into the blood to brain and is a mood altering drug affecting the SNS making you feel temporarily energised - also increases the heart rate due to nicotine receptors
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What is bronchitis?
Inflamation of the bronchioles - acute in anyone as an infection, only chronic in smokers
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What is emphysema?
The bursting of the alveoli - causing extreme shortness of breath as a result of inflamation and infection, reduced SA for diffusion, elastic tissue damage - unable to recoil
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What is COPD?
Damage to bronchiles and alveoli = restricted breathing and O2 to respiring tissues
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What is cancer?
Cancerous cells are caused by mutations in the DNA - affects gene for mitosis, causing cells to rapidly reproduce by mitosis forming a tumour, once symptoms show cancer is usually fully devloped
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What causes cancer?
Carcinogenics in cigarettes including benzene
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What is arerosclerosis?
A disease of the arteries - High blood pressure leads to the damage of artery walls causing WBC to try and repair = a build up of plaque which is a mixture of WBC scar tissue and platelets on the inner lining of the arteries
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What does atherosclerosis cause?
High blood pressure due to the narrowing of the artieris, blood clots, or even a heart attack
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What are the long term effects of smoking?


CHD, atherosclerosis, cancer, bronchitis

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What does carbon monoxide do?


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What does nicotine do?


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What is bronchitis?


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