SLT and De-individuation with AO2 points

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1. Deindividuation - loss of identity is because of...

  • You fear punishment, Need to find yourself, you would feel guilty for you actions if not.
  • Uniqueness, mask, forgetfulness
  • Unstability, their past and a crowd
  • Uniform, a mask and a crowd
  • No fear of punishment, less self-assessement, less self-awareness, less self-restraint, anonymity, no guilt. ,
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2. What are the three factors of the SLT?

  • Direct experience, observational learning and vicarious reinforcement
  • Direct learning, observational reinforcement and vicarious experience
  • Direct reinforcement, observational experience and vicarious learning
  • Direct learning, observational experience and vicarious reinforcement

3. De-individuation is reductionist

  • Doesn't take into account other explanations
  • Gergen's no likey no lighty
  • Watson's 24 warriors

4. Research supports

  • Doesn't take into account other explanations
  • Watson's 24 Warriors
  • Gergen's no likey no lighty

5. Name the 4 steps a person must undergo before imitating aggression

  • Attention, recall, remembering and reward
  • Admiration, rehearsal, remembering and motivation
  • Attention, rehearsal, retention and motivation
  • Admiration, recall, recombination and motivation


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