SLT and De-individuation with AO2 points

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1. What is Penrod's definition of aggression?

  • Something someone else does not like
  • Inflicting harm on someone else who does not wish to be treated as such
  • Fighting someone
  • Physical or mental harm
  • gggrrrrrr.
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2. Research supports

  • Doesn't take into account other explanations
  • Watson's 24 Warriors
  • Gergen's no likey no lighty

3. Name the 4 steps a person must undergo before imitating aggression

  • Attention, rehearsal, retention and motivation
  • Attention, recall, remembering and reward
  • Admiration, rehearsal, remembering and motivation
  • Admiration, recall, recombination and motivation

4. Research Supports

  • Ignores free will and consequences
  • Harrison's testosterone fuelled 56 men
  • Cooper and Mackie's free play of girls
  • Can't say that p's will act in same way in real life as in the lab
  • Bandura's 72 girls and Boys
  • Durkin "look mummy"

5. De-individuation doesn't always lead to aggression

  • Doesn't take into account other explanations
  • Gergen's no likey no lighty
  • Watson's 24 warriors


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