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2. the gene defect responsible for narcolepsy is responsible for regualting brain receptors for...

  • dopamine
  • menthol
  • orexin
  • melatonin

3. Narcolepsy usually develops in...

  • teenage years
  • childhood
  • adulthood
  • after a traumatic experience

4. Thannickal found that...

  • narcolepsy is a sleep disorder
  • Orexin cells were reduced in people with narcolepsy
  • there was no orexin in narcolepsy sufferers
  • Orexin cells were increased in those with narcolepsy

5. Treatments for narcolepsy include

  • Antiistimines
  • Ritalin, a drug for treating ADHD
  • Ritalin, a drug for treating
  • Heroin, a stimulant drug


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