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2. there is a concordance rate for narcolepsy of...

  • 25% in diyzotic
  • 0% in dizyzotic twins
  • 30% in monozygotic twins
  • 100% in Monozygotic twins

3. wickens 2005 stated...

  • Orexin is involved in the control of REM
  • Orexin is not involved in narcolepsy
  • orexin injections reduce levels of REM
  • REM is regulated by melatonin

4. Night terrors are...

  • non-dreams occuring in NREM
  • unpleasent dreams
  • ghosts
  • an absense of REM

5. the symptoms of narcolepsy reflect what?

  • invasion of NREM into waking life
  • extreme sleepiness
  • the invasion of REM into waking life
  • the invasion of REM into sleep


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