Skyewaulking Song

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1. How is the Skyewaulking Song a lament?

  • Compound time signature, slow tempo, major
  • Cross rhythms, compound time signature
  • Lilting rhythms, slow tempo, natural minor
  • Lilting rhythms, fast tempo
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2. Which two genres are used in the fusion of this piece?

  • Classical and folk
  • Rock and classical
  • Folk and pop
  • Rock and pop

3. What is the purpose of a waulking song?

  • To make it less fun
  • To make the tweed waterproof
  • To keep everyone in time and happy
  • To make everyone out of time

4. How does the fiddle play the first note?

  • Tremolo
  • Harmonic
  • Vibrato
  • Legato

5. What is the melody made up of?

  • 1x8 bars
  • 2x4 bars
  • 4x2 bars
  • 8x1 bars


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