Skye Waulking Song - Capercaillie

Quiz yourself on the EdExcel GCSE Music Anthology.

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1. How is the guitar played when the full band enters?

  • It is finger-picked
  • It is strummed
  • It is picked
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2. What is the texture of 'Skye Waulking Song'?

  • Monophonic
  • Heterophonic
  • Homophonic
  • Polyphonic

3. What scale is the vocal line sung on?

  • Bb minor pentatonic
  • E minor pentatonic
  • F major pentatonic
  • D minor dorian mode

4. Which is the correct key?

  • F# major
  • Bb majinor
  • E major
  • G major
  • F# minor
  • G minor

5. There is frequent syncopation.

  • True
  • False


Samuel Richardson

This is a great quiz with a combination of some simple, and some more tricky questions - something for everyone! 


the bouzouki is a Greek instrument

traditional Celtic intruments are:

• bodhran (Irish)

• Uilleann pipes (Irish)

• tin/penny whistle


@12cantrellb so is  bouzouki not featured in it?

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