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What is antinomianism?
The view that there are no fixed moral laws or rules. People should act spontaneously in each situation to decide what is right
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Define situationism
Fletcher argues that situation ethics involves doing the most loving thing in a situation
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Legalism is the view that...
morality should be based on laws or commands that must always be followed
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Two examples of legalist ethical theories are..
Natural law and Kantian ethics
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Affectionate love in Greek is
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Friendly love in Greek is
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Eros is what type of love?
Sexual or romantic love
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What is the love Fletcher focused on?
Agape- an unconditional love
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Something must work to be correct (be the most loving). What working principle is this?
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'agapeic love' relativizes the absolute but does not absolutise the relative is which of the 4 working principles?
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Define positivism
The belief in love- in particular Christian love. You have to start with a positive choice – you need to want to do good. There is no rational answer to the question “Why should I love?”
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What is personalism?
ethics that deals with human relations- people centred
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How many propositions does Fletcher have?
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Describe an example that demonstrates situation ethics in action (Mrs Bergmeir)
She believed in 2 absolute principles 1)'never commit adultery, 2) never abandon your family. Mrs Bergmeir was captured and taken to a POW. The only way to get back to her family was by becoming pregnant. She had sex with a Russian solider and went h
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What is the first proposition?
Only one thing is good, namely love.
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2nd proposition: The ruling norm of ____________ is love. Nothing else
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3rd proposition: Love and _______ are the same
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The 4th proposition reads as followed...
Love wills the neighbours good whether we like him or not
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5th proposition: Only the ____ justifies the _____
End, Means- nothing needs to be ruled out if it has a loving end
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In the 6th proposition how is love's decision made?
Love's decisions are made situationally not prescriptively
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An ethical principle that cannot be challenged
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Agapeic calculus
Fletcher's parallel to Bentham's hedonic calculus
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'self law'- people should be able to decide for themselves what is in their best interests
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Brought about by the human will
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Reliance is placed on human intelligence rather than a supernatural being
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What type of ethical theory is situation ethics?
Normative ethical theory- theory by which we make ethical judgements
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Love is a P________
Predicate in Fletcher's system meaning that it describes action in a situation and is not a thing in itself
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Why did John Robinson's book 'Honest to God' rock the foundations of the church
- It was condemned by traditionalists because he veered away from God as a separate being
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Recall Fletcher's 3 theories of conscience
1) Innate faculty 2) Guidance by Holy Spirit 3) Internalised values of society
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"Faith, hope and love abide"- who wrote this?
St Paul
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"There's only one law giver and judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you- who are you to judge your neighbour?"
James 4:12
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"I give you a new commandment, that you love one another"
John at the last supper
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"Love is patient love is kind love isn't envious or boastful or arrogant or rude"
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"The law of love is the ultimate law"
Paul Tillch
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" Thou shall love thy neighbour as thyself"
William Temple
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Is situation ethics compatible with other Christian ethical system?
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Is situation ethics compatible with other Christian ethical systems?
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What did William Barclay argue?
Argued that Fletcher was too positive about human nature
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Which Pope said situation ethics was utterly incompatible with Christianity?
Pope Pius XII
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What does McQuarrie suggest about situation ethics? (Negative)
It is individualistic and is based on specific circumstances therefore it's difficult to see how one could apply it
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Define situationism


Fletcher argues that situation ethics involves doing the most loving thing in a situation

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Legalism is the view that...


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Two examples of legalist ethical theories are..


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Affectionate love in Greek is


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