Sino-Soviet Relations 1949-76

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1. How did the Korean War show that China was a useful ally for Stalin?

  • It showed that China were not to be messed with
  • It demonstrated the courage and expertise of Chinese troops
  • China won the conflict
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2. What were one of the terms of the treaty of friendship, alliance and mutual assistance?

  • China accepted Soviet leadership of the communist world
  • The USSR would indirectly attack the US
  • The USSR would publicly support Mao's policies

3. When was the Great Leap Forward launched by Mao?

  • 1961
  • 1969
  • 1958
  • 1959

4. What made China become concerned over the Sino-Soviet border?

  • The events in Czechoslovakia (The Brezhnev doctrine)
  • The Soviets military build up

5. How many Chinese students were invited to the Soviet Union on advanced training courses?

  • 2678
  • 7000
  • 8000
  • 800


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