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2. What did Mao describe the Sino-Soviet relationship as after Khrushchev refused to help China develop nuclear weapons?

  • A shark and human relationship
  • A cat and mouse relationship
  • A dog and cat relationship
  • A tom and jerry relationship

3. In what way was Khrushchev more accommodating than Stalin?

  • He was just really friendly to Mao
  • He signed an agreement to give up Soviet territory in Manchuria
  • He signed an agreement to give up Soviet territory in Lushun
  • He allowed changes to the Sino-Soviet border

4. What scandal weakened the America's position and prevented a full normalisation of Sino-US relations?

  • The G7 Corruption Scandal
  • The Watergate Scandal
  • The Petroleum Scandal
  • The Profumo affair

5. Which of these WASN'T a term of the treaty of friendship, alliance and mutual assistance?

  • China's sovereignty in Manchuria would be resotred
  • China would give up some territory to create a new border with the USSR
  • China and the USSR would form a military pact against invasion from capitalist nations


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