Sino-Soviet Relations 1949-76

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1. What scandal weakened the America's position and prevented a full normalisation of Sino-US relations?

  • The G7 Corruption Scandal
  • The Watergate Scandal
  • The Petroleum Scandal
  • The Profumo affair
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2. Why did Khrushchev refuse to help China develop its own nuclear weapons?

  • Mao had claimed that he was willing to see half the worlds population die to advance communism
  • Mao threatened that he would bomb America which would threaten Khrushchev's peaceful coexistence

3. Which US president visited China in 1972?

  • Kissinger
  • Nixon
  • Ford

4. How many Chinese students were invited to the Soviet Union on advanced training courses?

  • 800
  • 2678
  • 8000
  • 7000

5. Why did China want to develop a better relationship with the US?

  • China was encircled by unfriendly states
  • The Soviet Union was being mean
  • China felt excluded in world affairs


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