Sino-Soviet Relations

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1. What was promised in the Treaty?

  • Economic aid for China, Soviet military assistance, restoration of Chinese soverignty over Manchuria
  • Economic aid for USA, Soviet military assistance, restoration of Chinese soverignty over Manchuria
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2. What was America's response to Mao's attempt to take Taiwan?

  • The USA and Taiwan signed a Mutual Defense Treaty to guarantee Taiwanese independence, Eisenhower was encouraged to drop nuclear weapons but he refused
  • Publically Khrushchev agreed to retaliate against the US but privately he made it clear that he didn't want to be involved

3. When was the Treaty of Frienship and Alliance signed?

  • 1950
  • 1930
  • 1960
  • 1940

4. What happened during the second bombardment of Taiwan by China in 1958?

  • Khrushchev refused to support China. he attempted to persuade Mao to stop the attack by offering to share the USSR's nuclear secrets but then changed his mind to creating a nuclear free Pacific
  • Khrushchev couldn't be relied upon to advance China's strategic interests, it confirmed Mao's belief that Khrushchev favoured compromise with Capitalism over revolution

5. How did personal differences play a part in further deterioration of Sino-Soviet realations after 1959?

  • The Great Leap Forward was publically criticised by Khrushchev,Mao refered to Khrushchev as a revisionist and argued that the announcement of the end of class struggle in Russia was a betrayal of Communism
  • Mao openly snubbed Khrushchev on his second visit to China, the Chinese beat the Russians to the top of Mt. Everest, Khrushchev withdrew the Russian rxpects helping with the Great Leap Forward
  • The Sino-Indian Border Conflict exposed important divisions between the USSR and China as Khrushchev publically criticised China's involvement and supported India sending $800 million in aid


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