Sex and Gender- Quiz

A quiz to cover some areas witihin the "Sex and Gender" topic in Uniy 2 AQA Psychology.

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1. As children get older, what does the gender schema theory suggest about their flexibility towards gender schemas?

  • As they get older, their gender schemas become more flexible.
  • As they get older, their gender schemas become less flexible.
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2. What is the male hormone?

  • Testosterone
  • XX
  • XY
  • Oestrogen

3. What is the complex that a girl must solve to successfully develop her gender?

  • Freud
  • Electra Complex
  • Oedipus Complex

4. What is a gender stereotype?

  • A belief that all males are similar and all females are similar.
  • A mental building block of knowledge that contains information about each gender.

5. Who researched the social learning theory by using a "Bobo Doll"?

  • Bandura
  • Freud
  • Levy and Carter



Thank you so much 


A very useful mini quiz which can be combined with other resources to make the perfect package.

Tom the destroyer

I r8 this 8/8 m8 nice b8 it's f8 m8, no h8


gr9 (better than gr8) test!! xD

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