Sex and Gender

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1. What does vicarious reinforcement mean?

  • The child learns what happens to a role model when they carry out a particular behaviour.
  • The phallic stage isn't complete.
  • Poorly developed gender identity.
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2. According to social learning theory, how do children learn gender role behaviour?

  • Observing the actions of various models or the same sex
  • Watching the telivision
  • Exploring different gender stereotyped activities

3. Gender is a _______ term

  • Psychological
  • Biological

4. According to Freud, how is gender development affected by living in a lone-parent household?

  • The child will have poorly developed gender identity.
  • The child will overcome the phallic stage quicker.

5. People who have strong feelings of being born the wrong gender...

  • Gender identity disorder
  • Gender confusion
  • The phallic stage




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