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2. The following question is a probing question:

  • does the pain stop when you rest
  • Please can you describe your pain
  • How can i help you?
  • you don't believe that do you?

3. A prescription is a document which has 3 purposes, which of the following is not part of these purposes

  • to comply with the misuse of medicines regulations 1971
  • to state the age of the patient if under 12 years old
  • to comply with the medicines act 1968
  • to pay the standard prescription fee

4. Which one of the following is correct about how much people remember?

  • 60% of what they see and hear
  • 20% of what they read
  • 30% of what they see
  • 20% of what they see

5. Which one of these factors does not affect bioavailability?

  • solubility
  • dose form
  • chemical form
  • first pass effect


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