Self Report Techniques & Case Studies

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What are open questions?
Questions that invite respondents to provide their own answers rather than select one.
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What are closed questions?
Questions that have a range of answers where respondents can pick one.
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What makes a good questionnaire?
Clarity; no questions that may lead to bias; easy questions to analyse.
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Advantages of questionnaires.
Easily replicated; respondents may feel more willing to reveal confidential information; no investigator effects; time and cost efficient.
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Disadvantages of questionnaires.
Social desirability bias; sample bias; questions may be unclear and researchers are not present to clarify.
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What is a structured interview?
An interview where the questions are decided in advance. E.g. Job.
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What is an unstructured interview?
Interviewer develops questions in response to respondents answers. E.g. GP.
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Advantages of structured interviews.
Easily repeated as questions are standardised; requires less skill; more easy to analyse.
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Disadvantages of structured interviews.
Interviewer bias; reliability affected if different interviewers ask different questions.
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Advantages of unstructured interviews.
More detailed info obtained; info accessed that may not be revealed by predetermined questions.
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Disadvantages of unstructured interviews.
Interviewer bias; requires well-trained interviewers so more expensive.
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Advantages of Case Studies.
Allows researchers to investigate topics that would be unethical to investigate experimentally; unique cases can challenge existing theories; investigates behaviour that is rare; complex interaction between factors can be studied.
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Disadvantages of Case Studies.
Difficult to generalise from individual cases; ethical issues if they are young or have a disorder; aspects of findings can be overlooked; may be unreliable due to recollection of past events.
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What are closed questions?


Questions that have a range of answers where respondents can pick one.

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What makes a good questionnaire?


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Advantages of questionnaires.


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Disadvantages of questionnaires.


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