Self-Confidence and Self-Efficacy

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Sport Confidence (Vealey, 1986) is
the belief about one's ability in sport to be successful. It is state and trait
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Self-Efficacy (Bandura, 1994) is
the belief that one can do anything they want with their ability
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Self-Efficacy Theory (Bandura, 1977) is
the belief that self-efficacy beliefs predict behaviour. The predictors are normally motivation and thought direction.
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Bandura (1986)
discussed how people who have attained self-efficacy improve themselves by constantly involving themselves in tasks that will improve them. They maintain effort and motivaiton
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Maritz et al (2000)
performed a meta-analysis finding significant relationship between self-efficacy and performance. Performance was compromised, however, when they became over confident like Inverted 'U' theory (Yerkes and Dodson, 1908)
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Helper and Chase (2008)
performed a study on how self-efficacy predicts performance. It aimed to compare decision making and task self-efficacy and dm and tas performance. 60 participapnts softball. Significance in dm and task SE. Athletes must still have knowledge/train
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Dunlop et al (2011)
Discussed other-efficacy and self efficacy. Aimed to see efficacy's effect on individuals in teams. Pairs played games with false feedback. Played better when they believed they both were doing well
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Hamey and Long (1995)
Self-efficacy and ability increases with duration in competitive sport
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Woodman and Hardy (2003)
State cog anxiety with performance vs state self confidence with performance. Self confidence> state cog anx predictor. men>women. Higher> lower comp
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Meijer (2010) Anxiety and performance
State anxiety has affect on anxiety due to one's trait anxiety level. The more trait, the more anxiety overall
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**** et al (2003) Anxiety fluctuates
MRF-2md forms before, during 1st and 2nd halves, after comp. Cog and som-anx decreases till psot game (feedback). Self confidence low pre game, same during, increases post game
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Self-Efficacy (Bandura, 1994) is


the belief that one can do anything they want with their ability

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Self-Efficacy Theory (Bandura, 1977) is


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Bandura (1986)


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Maritz et al (2000)


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