Segregation and discrimination in America

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1. why were voting rights so important for civil rights?

  • so black people can vote for black sympathetic candidates
  • so they were now equal to the whites
  • to they could vote
  • so they could live in harmony
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2. why had the little rock school not been desegregated?

  • its governor was racist
  • too expensive
  • it forgot
  • it couldn't be bothered

3. who was the woman who started the boycott?

  • Rosa Parks
  • Betty Friedan
  • Elanor Roosevelt
  • Martin Luther King

4. give an effect of the Brown vs. Topeka:

  • several black children were shot on protest
  • supreme court ruled that segregation in schools was banned
  • people in the UK were horrified

5. give an effect of the M boycott:

  • public see MLK
  • Malcolm X
  • MLK is seen to be violent


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