Seeds of Conflict

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1. The West was angered by the nationalisation of key sectors of the soviet economy because...

  • it reduced Western opportunities for trade with the East
  • many foreign companies lost their investments
  • the soviets stole the Western ideal of nationalisation
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2. The post-war US attitude towards foreign policy as outlined by Woodrow Wilson was called

  • Wilsonian Democratism
  • Wilsonian Liberalism
  • US Democratism

3. Which of these was not a strain in the grand alliance?

  • Soviet influence in France
  • The opening of a 2nd front against Germany
  • Poland: what type of government and where border to be drawn
  • Truman (US vice-president) hostility towards communism
  • The inevitable post-war power vacuum

4. Why did the USSR not play a world role after 1918?

  • belief in capitalism's inevitable victory over communism
  • lacked capacity to - devastated by world and civil wars
  • scared of the USA

5. Comintern was created in...

  • 1921
  • 1919
  • 1917


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