Security Case and Design Good Practice

Framework Core Functions
Identify - Protect - Detect - Respond - Recover
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Framework Implementation Tiers
1 - Partial 2 - Risk Informed 3 - Repeatable 4 - Adaptive
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Control Set of TL0
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Control Set of TL1
TS Essentials
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Control Set of TL2
Baseline TS Controls
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Control Set of TL3
TS Framework
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Control Set of TL4
Comprehensive TS Controls
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Trustworthiness Facets
Safety Reliability Availability Resilience Security
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TS Essentials (Subset Of TS Framework)
Scope for Use Coding Practices Use Tools Effectively Defect Management Artifact Management
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Common Criteria
The International Standard for computer security verification. Standardised as ISO 15408. It is the framework in which the security claims about a product can be independently verified.
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Target of Evaluation (TOE)
System or Product that is the subject of evaluation
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Protection Profile
A document identifying security requirements relevant to those users.
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Security Target
Document Identifying security properties of TOE
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Security Functional Requirements (SFRs)
Individual security functions provided by a product
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Security Assurance Requirements (SARs)
Descriptions of the measures taken during development and evaluation of the product to assure compliance with the claimed security functionality.
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Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL)
Numerical rating describing the depth and rigor of an evaluation
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Framework Implementation Tiers


1 - Partial 2 - Risk Informed 3 - Repeatable 4 - Adaptive

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Control Set of TL0


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Control Set of TL1


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Control Set of TL2


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