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1. which of these describes the public sector?

  • run by memebers on a voluntary basis and funded by members fees, provide grass roots level participation
  • owned by the local government, aim to break even, all facilities of adequate or improving standard
  • owned by companies looking to make a profit, high quality facilities to attract customers
  • where a company makes an offer to run a facility to the best standard for the best price
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2. what is meant by the term best value?

  • provision of leisure through the public
  • the outsourcing running of a facility to a company who make a bid
  • an attempt to reduce youth crime through sport
  • an action by national or local government that is deemed to meet the needs of the local community

3. what is a disadvantage of the private sector?

  • there is a lot of financial support for this sector
  • some people cannot afford the memebership fees
  • this sector is uncontrolled
  • some local authorities do not have the money to spend

4. what is the financial aim of the public sector?

  • best value
  • to improve the local community
  • to break even
  • to make a profit

5. which is a characteristic of the voluntary sector?

  • clubs and teams will raise funds through social activities
  • local community pays for entrance and use
  • their foremost objective is to make a profit
  • targeting under represented groups


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