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1. The Melody in Capercaille....?

  • On Bouzouki based on E minor pentatonic scale
  • On Guitar based on C major scale
  • On Vocals based on E minor pentatonic scale
  • On Electric Piano based on C major scale
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2. The Vocal parts in Yiri...?

  • Solo Voice & Choral
  • Just a solo artist
  • Just a Backing Choir
  • Samples from a 1950's gospel choir

3. What musical term decribes a repeating pattern?

  • Tenary
  • Ostinato
  • Smorzando
  • Repeating

4. Texture in Somethings Coming...

  • Hetrophonic
  • No Clear Texture
  • Mainly Homophonic
  • Monophonic

5. The Structure of Rag Desh...?

  • Sonata Form; Development, Exposition & Recapitulation
  • Includes Intro, Main Section, Outro
  • Includes Gat, Alap, Bandish(vocals), Jhor, Jhalla
  • Is Verse-Chorus with a coda


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