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a quiz about the different types of systems and key terms that are included in this chapter

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1. which is incorrect. ICT can help organisations by:

  • allows them to estimate materials and timings accurately
  • allow them to achieve their aims
  • helping them to produce better products
  • allowing them to buy equipment that is cheap
  • saving time
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2. human resources is the information that the employees retrieve....

  • False
  • True

3. e-commerce system is designed to sell and buy products over the world-wide-web?

  • True
  • False

4. what is back office system?

  • runs the internal operations of an organisation which are unaccessable or visible to the general public
  • these carry out the day-to-day activities of most organisations at operational level
  • takes data from internal and external sources and processes it so that it can be used at different levels.

5. work-flow management system help them....

  • analyse their organisation
  • manage the organisation
  • to see which employees arent working well
  • to spot problems that are efficiently slowing down the completion the system


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