Section One - Fitness and Training - Quiz

This is a quiz to prepare for the BTEC Sport exam on Unit 1


1. What is Progressive Overload?

  • When you don't increase the difficulty of your training because you want to reduce the risk of damage
  • When you stop doing exercise
  • When training is demanding enough to produce progress by allowing the body to adapt, resulting in an improved performance
  • When you go straight into training with the hardest equipment
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2. What is Power?

  • When you hold a position of authority in a sport, such as a team manager
  • The product of speed and strength; the amount of work done in a period of time
  • When you can respond quickly to a stimulus
  • The ability to kick or throw a ball very high into the air

3. What is Individual Needs?

  • When you only eat from a particular diet to make sure you play at your best
  • When training is designed to meet the needs and goals of each sports performer
  • When you take long rest breaks during exercise
  • When you need extra help doing certain exercises

4. What is the Cardiorespiratory System?

  • When a person has lots of energy
  • The blood vessels and the heart working together
  • The combination of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  • When the blood transports carbon dioxide to the working muscles

5. What is Muscular Strength?

  • When your muscles can contract for a sustained period of time
  • When you can complete a multi-stage fitness test very well
  • The maximum force that can be generated by a muscle or muscle group
  • When you can complete a circuit training session without your muscles getting sore


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