SCLY3 Mass Media

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1. What did the working-class unionists in Morley's "Nationwide Audience" study think of the documantary on the 1984 Miners' Strike?

  • They found it boring and irrelevant
  • They thought it was extremely biased in favour of the employers
  • They thought it was extremely biased in favour of the strikers
  • They thought it was completely impartial
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2. What purpose does concentration of media ownership and control serve according to advocates of the Manipulative Model?

  • It allows media made in non-Western countries to flourish in the Western World
  • The creation of a media more tightly controlled by the capitalist ruling-class
  • It acts as a way of granting impartial media coverage
  • It is a way of benefiting smaller companies with no other way of accessing global resources

3. What are news values according to Hetherington (1980)?

  • A case of life imitating media
  • A way of controlling the masses through the media
  • Traits that make a story newsworthy
  • A method to undermine the less powerful social groups

4. What does the media create according to Marcuse (1964)?

  • moral panics
  • false needs
  • hyperreality
  • news values

5. Which of these is NOT a news value?

  • scandal
  • proximity to home
  • hyperreality
  • conflict


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