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This is KS3 work

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1. Metamorphic rocks will definitely not have tiny crystals in them

  • False, they may have tiny crystals in them
  • True, the don't have tiny crystals in them
  • False, they definitely will have crystals in them
  • False, they have large crystals in them
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2. How are the layers in sedimentary rock cemented together?

  • By other minerals
  • By water
  • By people pushing
  • By wind

3. Basalt is what type of igneous rock?

  • Extrusive
  • Intrusive
  • No clue
  • A mixture of both

4. What is igneous rock formed from?

  • Water
  • Magma
  • Heat
  • Sediment

5. What do extrusive igneous rocks do?

  • Cool slowly under ground
  • Cool slowly above ground
  • Cool quickly above ground
  • Cool quickly under ground


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