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1. If an igneous rock contains a large crystal that means what?

  • The rock has cooled slowly
  • The rock is big
  • The rock has cooled quickly
  • The rock is still cooling
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2. How do you find out how old a sedimentary rock is?

  • Smell it
  • Look at the type of fossil
  • Look at the colour
  • Look at how many finger prints have touched it

3. Sedimentary rocks are formed from what?

  • Sediment
  • Magma
  • Heat
  • Air

4. How long does sedimentary rock take to form?

  • Millions of years
  • A day
  • Thousands of years
  • One hundred days

5. Sediment is what?

  • Rock fragments or dead matter
  • Grass
  • People faeces
  • Food


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