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This is KS3 work

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1. How are the layers in sedimentary rock cemented together?

  • By other minerals
  • By water
  • By people pushing
  • By wind
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2. An example of a sedimentary rock is what?

  • Any rock
  • Granite or Basalt
  • Limestone, chalk or sandstone
  • Marble, slate or schist

3. If an igneous rock contains a large crystal that means what?

  • The rock has cooled slowly
  • The rock has cooled quickly
  • The rock is still cooling
  • The rock is big

4. Are the more than one type of rock?

  • No clue
  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

5. Sediment is what?

  • Food
  • Grass
  • Rock fragments or dead matter
  • People faeces


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