Science// How we see

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1. When is energy transferred?

  • When the energy is moved by someone
  • When light waves hit a an absorber
  • When the light waves hit a keeper
  • When the energy is heated up
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2. The retina's cells are sensitive to what?

  • Light
  • Dust
  • Sound
  • Water

3. What does light reflect off?

  • Mirror
  • Our eyes
  • Non - luminous objects
  • Walls

4. What does the cornea do in the eye?

  • It focuses on objects
  • It blurs things out
  • It cleans the eye
  • It makes us blind

5. What happens when light rays cross over?

  • It's the same
  • You can't see anything
  • The image turns upside down
  • You see two of everything


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