Science// How we see

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1. What does the Iris do in the eye

  • It crosses the light rays over
  • It's just the coloured part for appearance
  • It controls the amount of light entering the eye
  • It focuses on objects
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2. What produces light?

  • Luminous objects
  • Electricity
  • Non - luminous objects
  • Our eyes

3. Anything that absorbs light energy is called what?

  • a keeper
  • an assimilator
  • an absorber
  • a reflector

4. When is energy transferred?

  • When the light waves hit a keeper
  • When light waves hit a an absorber
  • When the energy is heated up
  • When the energy is moved by someone

5. What does light reflect off?

  • Our eyes
  • Walls
  • Non - luminous objects
  • Mirror


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