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design of stove infrared
black good emmitter, larger surface area, matt surfaces, better emmiters than light shiny surfaces.
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13.5 divided by 15 times 100.
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energy wasted by stove.
producing light.
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environmental advantages= wood as a stove rather than heaters fossil fuels electrically generated.
wood= renewable. Conserves fossil fuels. carbon neutral.
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e= m times c times temp change
100 times 510 times 50= 2550,000
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useful energy output electric motor.
kinetic energy.
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eventually happens wasted energy.
dissipates into surroundings.
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relationship load lifted, input energy needed.
energy required increases with load. increases slowly up to 4/5 n then increases rapidly.
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energy = power times time=
4 times 48 times 15=2880
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environmental advantage= turning off electrical appliances not used.
conserves fossil fuels. less fossil fuels burned. less pollutant gas produced. less greenhouse gas produced.
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geothermal energy
energy from hot rocks in earth.
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pumped storage hydroelectric power station= store energy, later use.
water pumped and moved up to a higher reservoir.
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advantages offshore wind turbines.
renewable, low running cost,no gas emmisions.
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disadvantages offshore wind turbines
visual pollution, hazard to birds and bats,unreliable= wind does not always blow.
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advantages power link
provide electricity wind does not blow, provide electricity peak demand,
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disadvantages power link
large initial cost, power loss along cable, engineering difficulties in maintaining cable.
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particles= gas to liquid.
kinetic energy of particles= reduced. move closer together.
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dobule glazed rather than single glazed. less condensation inside glass.
double glazing= provides better insulation. inside of glass= not as cold.
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important= confirm data independently.
avoid bias. Results are reproducible.
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cost double glazing, normal glass.
low u value, better insulator. better insulating glass costs more money. Increasing width of air gap increases cost.additional cost of better insulating glass ofset by energy savings.
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two properties= radiowaves, microwaves
travel in straight lines, transverse, transfer energy, can be reflect, can be refracted.
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microwaves= satellite communications.
pass through the ionospere
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hilly= radio signals.not terrestial television signals.
diffraction= waves around hills.wavlength= similar size. obstacle/ long enough wavelength. T.V does not have= long enough wavlength.
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conduction= metals.
metal= free electrons. kinetic energy= increases. free electrons= move faster.electrons transfer energy to other ions.
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image= virtual
formed= virtual imaginary rays crossing.
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red shift= distant galaxies= evidence beggining of universe.
redshift= galaxies moving away from each other. More distant galaxies= bigger red shift. more distant galaxies moving away faster.suggests single point of origin of universe.
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origin= CMBR
radiation produced shortly after big bang.
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CMBR so important to scientists believing big bang theory correct.
provides further evidence= big bang.
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wavelength CMBR change over next billion years.
increase= continues to accelerate outwards= greater red shift.
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13.5 divided by 15 times 100.



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energy wasted by stove.


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environmental advantages= wood as a stove rather than heaters fossil fuels electrically generated.


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e= m times c times temp change


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