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1. What is the definition of a tissue?

  • A tissue is group of specialised cells that have a similar structure and function
  • Small molecules
  • The difference between individuals of the same species
  • Any communication that carries a message
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2. What is the nervous system?

  • The brain and spinal cord allows an organism to react to its surroundings and coordinates its responses
  • The process by which many useful products are made
  • The nucleus
  • Components of the environment

3. What is a placebo?

  • A disease causing microorganism
  • A non-effective dummy pill or treatment
  • A drug injected into the skin
  • A muscular organism

4. What is the ecosystem?

  • The living biological and non living physical components of the environment
  • Allows organisms to react to their surroundings
  • The Earth's atmosphere

5. What can the alcohol intake lead to?

  • An upset stomache
  • Pain in the lower leg
  • Dehydration
  • Headache


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