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1. What are the long term effects of cannabis and nicotine?

  • Concentrated urine
  • Blood pressure
  • Heart problems and the increased risk of a heart attack
  • Dilute urine
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2. What can the alcohol intake lead to?

  • Pain in the lower leg
  • Dehydration
  • An upset stomache
  • Headache

3. What is evolution?

  • Protection against infection
  • Changing naturally over a period of time
  • Increased level of greenhouse gases
  • A relationship between organisms

4. What is the defintion of extinction?

  • A genetic test
  • A species that has died out
  • Fuel formed in the ground
  • Releases energy

5. How does Ectasy make you feel?

  • Makes you feel terrified
  • Makes you feel euphoric
  • Makes you feel upset
  • Makes you feel unconcious


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