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1. What is an enzyme?

  • A species that has died out
  • A genetic disorder
  • A protein molecule and biologicl catalyst found in living organisms that helps chemical reactions to take place
  • A liquid that changes into a gas by heating
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2. What are the two types of respiration?

  • Aerobic and Anaerobic
  • Glucose and Oxygen

3. What is the defintion of extinction?

  • A species that has died out
  • Releases energy
  • Fuel formed in the ground
  • A genetic test

4. What is the other name for alcohol?

  • A drug
  • An animal
  • A tree
  • A plant

5. What is the definition of a tissue?

  • A tissue is group of specialised cells that have a similar structure and function
  • The difference between individuals of the same species
  • Any communication that carries a message
  • Small molecules


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