Science// Atoms + Elements

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1. The Dalton model states what?

  • All matter is made up of atoms, there are different types of atom and each element contains a different type
  • An atom can break down any element, compound or mixture
  • An atom doesn't really exist
  • Only liquids are made up of atoms
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2. How does Group 7 work?

  • The elements are all reactive
  • The elements are all unreactive
  • The elements get less reactive as you go down
  • The elements that get less reactive as you go up

3. All elements have what?

  • A name and a symbol
  • Just a name
  • Just a symbol
  • No name or symbol

4. What makes a reactive element?

  • An element that is keen to combine with another element
  • An element that combine very slowly
  • An element that reacts badly when in a chemical reaction
  • An element that never reacts with another element

5. What is an element?

  • A substance that contains two types of atom
  • A substance that contains no atoms
  • A substance that contains only one type of atom
  • A substance that contains many different atoms


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