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What are Genes/where are they found?
Found: in the cell's nucleus. Determine all inherited characteristics of an organism
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How are genes linked together?
In a long string called chromosomes
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What is DNA?
chemical molecule that makes up genes, coded information for the production of different proteins
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What is a genome?
An organism's complete set of genes
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What are gamates?
Sex Cells
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What is a mutation?
A change in the structure of the gene, occurs naturally or by ionising radiation
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What is Meiosis
Division of cells that form sex cells, sperm or egg
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What is Haploid?
Cell with half number of chromosomes
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What is Diploid?
Cell with full set of chromosomes
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Physical characteristics shown e.g male/female
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What are Alleles?
Genes from each parent that code for the same thing
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Both alleles are the same (AA) (aa)
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Both alleles are different (Aa)
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Capital letter, always wins
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Small letter
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A chemical that breaks downs cells
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Genetic make-up of an individual- which alleles it has
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A homozygous individual
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Continuous Variation examples
a range of variation- height, shoe size, mass
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Discontinous Variation examples
Distinct categories of variation- blood group, left/right handed, tongue rolling, ear lobes
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Why does Variation occur?
Because of a mutation in the gene
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How are genes linked together?


In a long string called chromosomes

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What is DNA?


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What is a genome?


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What are gamates?


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