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Woed equation for. Reactions of metals with salt
Metal + Acid = Salt + Hydrogen
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Hydrochloric acid as a salt
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Nitric acid as a salt
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Sulphuric acid as a salt
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Word equation for. The reaction of metal and water
Metal + Water = Metal hydroxide + Hydrogen eg. magnesium+water=magnesium hydroxide+hydrogen
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Word equation for. Reaction of Metal oxides with acid
metal oxide + acid = salt + Water. eg. Copper oxide+Nitric acid=copper nitrate+Water
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word equation for. Reactions of metal carbonates with acid
Metal Carbonate + Acid = salt + Water + Carbon dioxide eg. Calcium carbonate+nitric acid+calcium nitrate+water+carbon dioxide
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Thymine pairs with
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Cytosine pairs with
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What is the backbone of a gene made out of
Phospate and deoxyribose (sugar)
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What contains DNA
Every nucleus apart from those in a red blood cell
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Continuous variation
A series of characteristics that can take any range. eg. Human height or handspan
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discontinuous variation
When a series of characteristics have set values. eg. human blood groups where there are 4 set groups and no other possibilities
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what is an ecosystem
a biological community of different animals and plants
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what is biodiversity
a range of different species in an ecosystem
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What does sound travel in
longitudinal waves
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what does light travel in
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What is frequency on a wavelength
how many waves there are
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what is amplitude on a wavelength
loud or quite (How high or low the peaks are)
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What is an echo
an echo is when sound energy bounces of something into your ear
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What does the choclea do
convert sound into electrical impulses
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what does the auditory nerve do
allow the electric impulses to travell into the brain
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Colours in the spectrum
Richard of york gave battle in vein: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet
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Why do the colours split in the prisim
Because they travell at different speds
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Red and green make
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green and blue make
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red and blue make
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Hydrochloric acid as a salt



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Nitric acid as a salt


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Sulphuric acid as a salt


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Word equation for. The reaction of metal and water


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