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whats the persentage of fruits and veg in a balanced diet?
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whats the persentage of startchy foods in a balanced diet?
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what the persentage of sugary drinks and snacks in a balanced diet?
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whats the persentage of non dairy sources of protein in a balanced diet?
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whats the persentage of dairy products in a balanced diet?
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What does protease do?
it breaks down protein molecules
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what does carbohydrase break down?
Carbohydrate molecules
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what does lipase break down?
fat molecules
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what type of cells carry oxyen?
red blood cells
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what type of cells fight against germs?
white blood cells
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what is a pathogen?
an organism that causes disease
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name three types of pathogens?
Fungi, Bacteria, virus
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What is a insizor used for?
for biting and cutting
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what is a canine used for?
for holding and cutting
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what is premolar and molar used for?
crushing and chewing
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what is tooth decay?
Tooth decay happens when the hard outer enamel of the tooth is damaged. This can happen when bacteria in the mouth convert sugars into acids that react with the enamel. Bacteria can then enter the softer dentine inside.
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what is the central nerve system?
the brain and spinal cord
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what is the peripheral nervous system?
nerve cells that carry information to or from the CNS
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what are the Nerve cells called?
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how many chromosomes are there in a human sperm cell?
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an eye doctor is ?
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has receptors which are sensitive to light
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ciliary muscle
helps to change shape of lens
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optic nerve
takes nerve impulses to the brain
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controls howmuch light goes into the eye
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two promblen people could get looking at a computer screen for to long.
1.tried eyes 2. blurred vision
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proteins- protease enzyme
amino acids
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starch- carbohydrase enzyme
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fats - lipase
fatty acids - glycerol
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two factors that affect the rate of enzyme action
1. temperature 2. pH
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which organ produces urea?
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whats the persentage of startchy foods in a balanced diet?

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