Science Revision (Eco Systems and Chemical Reactions)

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1. The word equation ' Magnisium Carbonate+ Hydrochloric Acid= MagnesiumChloride+ Water+Carbon Dioxie' in a symbol form is.....

  • MgH0+CO3+MgHy +CO2
  • MgCO3 +H2SO4= MgSo+H20+CO2
  • MgH20+CO3=MgCo2+H20+CO2
  • Mg+H20S= MgSo2 +CO2
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2. What is polymers?

  • A row of 1+ molecule
  • A type of Molecule
  • Converting waste to something new
  • A type of Atom

3. What's the different between an Atom and a Molecule?

  • An atom is the smallest paricle whilst a molecule is a bunch of atoms.
  • A molecule is smaller than an atom.
  • An atom is the main part of the human body.
  • Nothing, they are the same thing just with different names.

4. Which of these is the wrong answer?

  • Crackers=stiff but brittle
  • House Brick=stiff,strong in tension and compression
  • Custard=soft,flexible,weak
  • Metal tools= stiff,strong in tension and compression

5. Metal Carbonate+Acid=......

  • =Hydrogen+Water
  • =Salt+Hydrogen+Oxygen
  • =Salt+ Carbon Dioxide+ Water
  • =Salt+ Water+ Oxygen


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